Hello My Friend,

Marco Kozlowski

My name is Marco Kozlowski... In the last 4 years, my life (and that of my wonderful family's) has been completely transformed by my commitment to building wealth through Luxury Real Estate. No more late bills, bounced checks, turned-off utilities and the soul-withering desperation of living from paycheck to paycheck.

Life isn't just good...it's a fantastic adventure supported by a secure flow of income that I can create the rest of my life!

Here's what it's all about: I am now 32 years old. My wife and I are both accomplished musicians. We ran a chain of successful music schools throughout our 20's (Many of today's top pop artists have sought us out for extra "polish" and advanced training!).     Marco Kozlowski - Luxury Home Expert

I eventually faced the reality that exhausting 20 hour days teaching music were barely providing for our 4 young children and the roof over our heads. Late one evening I devoured "a quick wealth through real estate" TV infom


ercial .. I watched the testimonials and swore to myself, "Hey...I can do this!"

To my wife's utter dismay, I bought the "infomercial box" with our last back-up funds and did a total immersion into the world of real estate wealth strategies. In my 1st year I bought and sold 119 homes. I made blunders, took financial hits, crashed into some "hard luck" dead-ends (I can confidently say I've made ALL the mistakes for you!)

By year two I was in 5 th gear !... I'd mastered the secrets and techniques of creating a rushing flood of wealth through luxury real estate! with NO money, NO credit and NO risk! One deal earned me $471,300 with just over one hour's of work!

Does this sound incredible, or... maybe too good to be true?

I assure you it's not! In fact, I generated that check in one of my seminars, in front of hundreds of people who witnessed the entire (painless, and risk free) process. (And for you I included a copy of the check at the end of this letter!)

How many deals like that do you need a year to surpass your current income?

In the last 6 months alone, my system has generated over $4 million in personal wealth. Presently, through my seminars, I have taught 100's of motivated "future millionaires" the fastest path to that Big, Fat Check!

Why Make $20,000 On A Real Estate Deal When The $200,000
Opportunities Are Right At Your Fingertips?

Believe it or not...it takes much less time to complete a luxury home deal, than a "bread-and-butter" real estate deal. As a matter of fact, it took me a total of about 75 minutes of my time (over two weeks) to generate the above $471,300 check. That's only 1 hour and 15 minutes of my time!!

Many Generic Real Estate courses will show how to make a $20,000 profit on an ordinary $150,000 residential home. Alright... not bad, but just think if you could do the same amount of work and put 10 or 20 times that amount of cash in your bank account ? And remember...with NO RISK!

The same formulas apply to low-end deals as apply to the multi-million dollar ones you'll learn to expertly handle.

The SAME formulas, my friends it's ingeniously simple!

There is very little competition out there because 99% of all investors haven't discovered the tremendous profit potential!

They have no clue as to how profitable Luxury Homes can be...

and they don't realize that it doesn't require any of their own money or risk!!

If the numbers scare you, I can guarantee by the end of my course you will be perfectly comfortable accepting this kind of wealth into your life! I will break down all this information into simple, easy-to-follow steps anyone can follow... your fears of success will vanish!

My ultimate goal for each and every attendee who attends my seminars:

I want to ensure YOU have the confidence, knowledge and total understanding of a system that will easily WORK FOR YOU in acquiring as many high-end deals as possible... allowing you the financial freedom and security you deserve!

Luxury High End Homes Possess the Most Advantages
and Highest Income Opportunities!

I love beautiful expensive homes! They need minimum work, attract eager buyers, virtually sell themselves and...they will make you massive profits in the shortest amount time. I just need to teach you a slightly different set of rules that you will fully learn during my "Big Fat Checks Seminar." The benefits include:

    * Make stunning amounts of money!
    * Work with little or NO Risk!
    * Meet sellers that are a dream to work with!
    * Enjoy little or no competition!
    * Learn to receive coolest FREE STUFF from the home sellers!
    * Sell your FREE STUFF for even more lucrative income!
    * Stage property auctions that are more like parties than work!
    * Acquire Huge Short Sale Discounts!
    * I Will Reveal to You the 6 Basic Steps That Will Ensure Success Many Times Over!

During my "Big Fat Check" seminar nothing will be held back! I'll take you step by step through the entire buying/selling process. You will...

Acquire dozens of insider strategies for locating qualified high-end homes, with highly "motivated" sellers willing to almost give their houses away! I'll give you all the resources and latest easy-to-apply marketing techniques and you'll leave my seminar ready to "be at the right place at the right time!"

Discover how to automatically pre-screen your leads, completely hands-off, and deal only with those who are ready and willing to deal with you! Use my simple, yet sophisticated system to get the critical information you need on each lead, and save time and prevent frustrating dead-ends.

Become a veritable "Jedi Master" in the fine art of making expert offers and negotiation I'll show you subtle psychological techniques that increase your ratios of accepted offers by 1,216%! I'll help you acquire those skills through hands-on, practical exercises! In a few sessions, I'll take you from a "thumb-sucking" negotiator, to a smooth and refined "Donald Trump style" deal-maker!

Learn to harness the power of "Options" Effortlessly control multi-million homes with just a $100.00 deposit!

Get ALL the right legal paperwork to control and close your luxury deals. - You will receiveALL the customized legal agreements that ensure the proper language (word-for-word) is there to protect YOU throughout each transaction... obliterating any possible risk to you.

Selling lightning fast! This is where the rubber meets the road... Discover everything you need to know to make maximum profits in as short a time as possible! You Should Focus on Luxury Homes in Excellent Condition... ONLY!

What I reveal about just this one topic can save you 10's of thousands of dollars... or maybe even 100's in the worst scenario! It's yet another simple principle you need to follow! When you are finished with my seminar, you will know ALL the subtle qualities excellent High-End Luxury Homes possess!

What is a High-End Luxury Home?

A High-End House is defined as a home worth at least TRIPLE the value of the median price in your city. Luxury Homes exist from coast to coast. They usually flock together in exclusive high-end neighborhoods that you'll be trained to recognize.

You've probably heard the saying... "the money is made in Real Estate when you buy, not when you sell! I can show you exactly that... how to pick up some of these properties for pennies on the dollar!

Learn the REAL Motivations of Your Luxury Home Sellers!

The rich see possessions and their homes in a radically different way than the less-moneyed folks out there. Some of your sellers are making a million a day while lounging by the pool. We'll explore the many reasons why wealthy home owners will see you as a welcome solution to an immediate problem. Failed business ventures, divorce, lawsuits and any number of issues can be powerful motivators for liquidating property, as well.

Consider this: The bigger the house... the bigger the owner's house payment, and the bigger your paycheck!

We'll explore in depth why difficult situations create motivated sellers and doors are thrown wide open for us as real estate investors and trusted advisors. I'll give you a full array of psychological tools and common sense rules for dealing with your seller. Even the real estate pros ignore these basic strategies and lose what could be the deal of a lifetime.

Here's some of the "must knows" when negotiating with your seller...

The 5 "Not-To" Rules These are basic survival rules of the business you must learn. Just knowing the 5 rules will rescue you from financial disasters, save time and put you 20 laps ahead of the competition.

The 4 Golden Rules "To Do" List Just following these simple principles will gain the seller's trust, create a relaxed environment, enhance communication and give you the "the edge" when it comes time to close the deal!

Oh Yes!... Back to the FREE STUFF and Why It's All There For You!

This is one of the most thrilling and fun parts of the luxury home business! Many times you'll find when you've acquired a luxury home... the entire contents are part of the deal!This is like cracking open a treasure chest filled with the best goodies on the planet.

Along with a gorgeous luxury home, I've gotten free cars (Corvettes, Mercedes, Porsches), boats, high-end entertainment systems, antiques, world-class furniture, super-collectable stamp and coin collections. If you want to keep it and enjoy that's your choice...or I can show you the many ways to create a big fat river of income by auctioning it off!

You Will Leave My Seminar with a "Master's Skill Level"

Using the Complete Tools of the Trade!

Here's taste of the vast range of wealth-building information I'll deliver in seminar!

    * Learn to instantly spot and target the winners luxury homes that will deliver an easy buy and fast, high-profit sale.
    * Acquire the "must know" strategies for assessing the true value of luxury homes you can't skip this step... and I'll give you the know-how to determine the potential risk of any deal that comes your way!
    * Discover the essential question 99% of investors never ask their sellers properly or ignore completely! This one opens doors and gets you a positive, receptive client!
    * I will reveal the key phrases that will make the difference between a warm welcome and getting the door slammed in your face!
    * Why "pre-foreclosures" can be your personal diamond mine! You'll have confidence and skills to make fantastic deals right on the courthouse steps.
    * Three simple techniques to make your "pre-foreclosure" list serve up the motivated sellers you desire!
    * Direct Mail Strategies that will get your message out to 1000's of potential leads!-Get the "real deal" direct marketing techniques that are proven to work in our business.
    * Creative, inexpensive ways to get your mail read and NOT tossed! (Fact!!...98% of all Americans sort their mail over the trash can!) Know the 6 steps to ensure your mail gets opened and read
    * The seminar materials will include a collection of time-tested, expertly crafted letters and copy that will get you great results and fast responses.
    * Why you should do zip code mailings Target the zip codes of 100's of high-end homes! (Even 15 responses could make you millions!)
    * Over-sized post card mailings A sure-fire 11 step process that will fill your funnel with hot luxury home leads. Everything you need to know... just follow my simple directions.
    * Get the complete low-down on using the internet for quick and easy lead phone number access!
    * Creative ways to get unlisted phone numbers of your very private wealthy home sellers (It's easier than you think and the worth the extra effort!)
    * How to use simple newspaper ads to attract the genuine high-end sellers you want! a fantastic real estate sales strategy you can put to work instantly!
    * Attract and build a dedicated "million dollar dream team" How to find highly-motivated, quality people who will produce excellence and results.
    * The art of making "high-end relationships" Effortlessly network with people that have "connections" with high-end property owners.
    * Working with Real Estate Agents Develop "win-win" scenarios they can't resist and also serve your best interests!
    * Easily mine "expired real estate listings"- Take charge of luxury homes that don't move and sell them fast with my powerful marketing strategies.
    * The secrets of REO's (Real Estate Owned) by banks and financial institutions Why this can be a colossal source of hot leads!
    * How to stage auctions and work with auctioneers The six ways you can get paid big money with multiple streams of income flowing straight to you!

I haven't covered everything...
there will be much, much more!

I promise the "Big Fat Checks Luxury Real Estate Boot Camp" will be one of the most unique and exciting experiences you will ever have!

We stage our seminars at select resort and convention destinations across the United States. I personally make sure accommodations are 1 st class and my seminar attendees get the VIP treatment. Be prepared to be challenged, inspired, educated and most all...rapidly acquire the true skills to make HUGE amounts of cash!

Here's what you get in 4 very intense days that can transform your life!

Days one and two of the Big Fat Checks Seminars will total immersion into the world of wealth-building through luxury home buying. Nothing will be held back and you'll learn my system at a step-by-step, comfortable pace... with easy-to-understand clarity all along the way! Daily seminars will run from 8:00AM to 6:00PM. With optional bonus sessions that may be provided. I'll be there to provide solid answers and help you out.

I will give each attendee a massive 157 page guidebook that contains a complete overview of everything the Big Fat Checks 4-day Seminar covers You can take notes in it, fill out "action plans" and use it as an invaluable roadmap for your future success in luxury homes real estate. Truly, I have poured my heart and soul into this book... ALL the insider secrets, my proven success strategies, hard-core information and a vast array of forms and legal documents are there for you anytime you need them. A fully-catered, delicious, buffet-style luncheon will be served the 1 st day during our noon-time break... enjoy!

Day Three of the Big Fat Checks Seminars is VERY SPECIAL... and I'll be glad to give you more details about this part of the seminar!

Prepare yourself for some REAL hands-on wealth-building through luxury homes real estate. We may go on a little field trip!

All Big Fat Checks Attendees will experience a LIVE AUCTION at a premier High-End Luxury Home! Everyone will experience the true opulence and gorgeous appointments these homes possess. Oh yes... you'll get a jaw-dropping look at "the goodies" this type of high-end real estate can deliver to you. Best thing of all... you will witness the magic of an actual auction the pacing, strategies and tactics will all come together right in front of you!

Day 4 is a full day of Big Fat Checks seminar that wraps-up with a grand finale at 4:00PM.

It Sounds Great Marco!...
But How Much Does It Cost?

My complete 4-Day seminar, the total of my knowledge, experience and secrets... a vast education in wealth-generating High-End Luxury Real Estate, is yours for $5995.00.

That's a Serious Investment...Why Should I Attend the Big Fat Checks Seminars?


Let's take a hard look at the options...

Option #1: This letter is wadded up and goes in the wastebasket. You have casually ignored an opportunity that could have made you a millionaire in less than a year. Your chance to create a river of personal wealth instantly fades away...gone!

Option #2: You strike out and try to do this on your own. Believe me... I've been through the learning curve. It's NO day at the beach... It can lead to years of expensive blunders, demoralizing mistakes and pure exhaustion. I eliminate all of that for you! Just a few of the simple secrets I'll teach can save you tens of $1000's in lost revenue and 100's of hours of your precious time. For $5995.00, this is actually the least expensive and fastest way to secure your financial future through luxury real estate!

Option #3 is your best option for fast, high income and financial security!

Attend one of the Big Fat Checks seminars as soon as possible! My wealth-building system runs like a finely-tuned Ferrari...I have perfected it over the last 4 years and the results are sustainable, multiple floods of massive income. My students are out there making the "deals of a lifetime" right now. Many are on the "fast-track" to becoming millionaires this year! Just 5% of one high-end deal will easily pay for your Big Fat Checks seminar!

You Can Spend Much Less Money for Dozens
of Other Real Estate Seminars Out There...

They possibly can teach you "the ropes" and provide some extra income by "flipping" tract homes. None of them will deliver the huge financial rewards my Big Fat Checks seminar will bring into your life. For making outrageous amounts of money in the shortest time possible, my High-End Luxury Real Estate seminars are literally "the last house on the block". You'll strike a rich vein of gold that will always be there for you and you family.

Think of it... you'll be one of the 1 st exclusive investors in your area to get this elite, hands-on, super effective training! When you go into a Luxury Homes deal, it'll be YOU taking huge piles of cash off the table...multiple rivers of it! You'll be flying 30,000 ft. above the competition...let them scramble over the small deals while you snap up the brilliant diamonds they don't even know exist right in front of them!

My Big Fat Checks Seminar Will Be the Turning-Point of Your Lifetime!

It will be very intense and also full of light-hearted fun. What you will learn can create multiple rivers of income for the rest of your life. If you follow my system and get into action... it WILL give you the financial power to realize your dreams!

Think of what a secure, high-income financial future would do for you and your loved ones Leisure and vacations when you want them, any college education your children desire and a retirement filled with fun, comfort and serenity.It all there for you... in just 4 short days I'll give the education, tools and confidence to make it happen.

We've been swamped with calls, but our representatives will gladly handle your reservations and answer any questions. The price of my "Big Fat Checks" 4-day seminar is $5995.00. The seminars are my total commitment to excellence...it's a world-class, life-changing event!If for any reason, my seminar doesn't meet and exceed your expectations, I happily refund 100% of your money...no questions asked.

Call today at 1-800-808-6349 or Register Online at http://www.askmarcok.com/  to reserve your place at the next Big Fat Checks seminar!

I'd love to meet you at our next event...

Sincerely and all my best to you!

Marco Kozlowski

Still Not Convinced?

PS: I'm going to go far beyond my usual 100% money-back guarantee for this seminar... Basically, I'll take ALL the risk for you!Picture it this way I'm on stage strapped into the electric chair and YOU have a grip to the breaker switch!

Here's how we can work this...

Attend the first full day of the seminar...have the experience and eat lunch with my compliments!If you don't feel like I've delivered 10 times your investment in the seminar... if you are STILL not 100% fully satisfied ... then just come to me or one of my staff We'll promptly refund your money with a smile. NO questions asked and NO worries. We part as friends!

PSS... We reserve an exclusive block of rooms at reduced rates for seminar attendees! Click Below To Register Online

marco kozlowski

Marco Kozlowski Reviews

Marco Kozlowski Reviews

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